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Rob Thomas Making a Modernized 'Les Misérables' Series


Veronica Mars and Party Down creator Rob Thomas is working to turn Les Misérables into the legal drama it would have been had Victor Hugo seen The Practice. With actor-writer Graham Norris, he's landed a pilot deal at Fox for the series, which will make the tale contemporary with America's modern wretched people.

Deadline describes it thusly:

Written by Norris, the contemporary take is a primetime soap about a brilliant lawyer running a legal exoneration program who fights to evade the consequences of his own unjust conviction many years before. He must navigate high society, continue his mission of saving innocent people, and manage his tumultuous family and romantic life -- all while staying one step ahead of a ruthless U.S. Attorney who refuses to let the ghosts of the past die.

So I guess that's one dream you could dream.

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