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See James Gandolfini's Final Leading Role in 'Enough Said' Trailer


James Gandolfini has, sadly, left us, but he has at least also left us with a couple more performances to remember him by. Next year he co-stars in the Tom Hardy-Noomi Rapace drama Animal Rescue, but before that, he'll have his final leading role alongside fellow multiple Emmy-winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Enough Said--a film that, despite title/tagline similarities, has nothing to do with Sharknadoes. Instead, it stars the actors as single parents awkwardly finding later-life love--made more awkward when Louis-Dreyfus discovers her new massage therapy client is Gandolfini's poet ex-wife, his Where the Wild Things Are co-star Catherine Keener. Pretty standard terrain for the 50-plus romantic-dramedy genre, but the charisma of the couple is hard to deny, and since their In the Loop and Veep director Armando Iannucci never got the two spitting clever vitriol at each other, it will have to do.

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