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Steve Carell Looks Like This in 'Foxcatcher'


As was revealed back in December, Foxcatcher is going to turn Mark Ruffalo into a morose Brett Gelman, but alas, it turns out that's not the only actor who will be almost unrecognizable in the film. A new photo from EW has revealed co-star Steve Carell, too, will be similarly prosthetic-covered, and will kind of look like Serge Gainsbourg as your tenured P.E. instructor.

Directed by Moneyball's Bennett Miller, the based-on-a-true-story film sees Carell playing John du Pont, the chemical heir who used his fortune to set up a wrestling facility at his Foxcatcher Farm. As a philanthropist, du Pont also founded the Delaware Museum of Natural History, and as also a paranoid schizophrenic, he tragically murdered friend and Olympic wrestling gold-medalist Dave Schultz (Ruffalo).

Foxcatcher debuts squarely within awards season, premiering December 20, so expect Carell's latest turn as a heavily made-up villain to be at least nearly as convincingly terrifying as his last.


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