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Turns Out That J.J. Abrams Trailer Was Probably for a Book


As we should have guessed by its being so artfully black and white, it seems that J.J. Abrams trailer from yesterday was most likely for something audiences will be expected to read.

s-card.jpgBleedingCool has noted that the typeface that closes the brief teaser looks suspiciously like the one that's being used to publicize S., an upcoming novel conceived by Abrams and written by Doug Dorst. Add to that the fact that the video's name, "Stranger," meshes well with the novel's title, and that publishers do indeed for some reason make video trailers for books, and it seems that the mystery behind Bad Robot's teaser has most likely been solved.

Or, this is all an elaborate red herring, and actually the video was hinting at how Jar Jar will re-emerge from his watery home for even more hilariously charming antics in Star Wars: Episode VII. You can never tell with Abrams. Or Jar Jar! He's delightful!

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