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'We Are What We Are' Trailer Shows the Horrors of Self-Acceptance


An Americanized and gender-swapped remake of the recent Mexican horror Somos Lo Que Hay, Jim Mickle's We Are What We Are is a cautionary tale on the dangers of upholding tradition, and the risks of just tossing around leftover food bones willy-nilly, like the world is your Buffalo Wild Wings tray.

In the film, a family matriarch woefully dies in a puddle, leaving her daughters to carry on in preparing lovely suppers for Dad. Soon after, neighbors start finding little picked-clean human bones all over the place, and when the coroner learns that the mother died of Kuru--a degenerative neurological disorder transmitted via cannibalism--locals and audiences start to figure out what's going on here: a family eating tradition even grosser than picking up a few Value Meals on the way home from work. Here's the atmospheric trailer:

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