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ABC To Finally Trap Houdini in Modern-Day Crime Procedural


Shackling Houdini to the one thing he can't escape from--the posthumous desecration of his legacy--ABC has picked up a pitch that will have the renowned escape artist fight today's crime, finally pitting his ability to get out of chains against cyber-stalkers or whatever. Jeff Addis and Will Matthews are writing the series, which reportedly sees the Hungarian illusionist working for the modern-day LAPD "in what is described as a fast-paced modern-day procedural." Can't solve a case? Get Houdini! Assuming the case is about shackles, holding your breath, or appendicitis. Otherwise, there is absolutely no reason to be contacting Houdini about this.

It's said this modern-day Houdini will also be teamed with a presumably-sexy female detective--something like Elementary or Castle, except now the eccentric male lead is an actual human who existed, and there's not really logic behind his being in modern times and solving crimes. It hasn't yet been specified if Houdini is going to time-travel, get reanimated, or just be reinterpreted as a modern-day escape artist who is, for some reason, Houdini. Does it matter?

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