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'Ant-Man' Moved Up to Summer 2015


A summer already crowded with Superman, Batman, and the entire Avengers team now has another superhero to fit in there. It's fine, though, because he can get really small.

Marvel Studios has announced that they're moving their upcoming Ant-Man up over three months, tossing out its November 6, 2015 release for an earlier summer debut on July 31. That opens the film just a couple weeks after Warner Bros. still-untitled, inevitably-huge Man of Steel follow-up, but it seems the studio's hope is that the Edgar Wright-directed film will provide a fun, quirky alternative to the desperate self-seriousness of Zack Snyder's Batman/Superman. At last, people sick of summer superhero movies will have the counter-programming alternative of another summer superhero movie, but with a different tone. Welcome to the future.

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