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Bridget Jones's Next Diary To Reveal Shocking 180-Pound Loss


Bridget Jones's Diary author Helen Fielding has revealed a pretty huge spoiler for what to expect in her next book/romantic-comedy treatment: the next time Renée Zellweger makes her surprised pucker, it will be to express shock at the death of her husband.

It seems that after two diaries of settling on which Love, Actually star would make the most dignified, stammering partner, Jones finally marries Colin Firth's Mark Darcy in the interim between The Edge of Reason and this latest tale. Unfortunately, according to this story in the Sunday Times (via), she ended up picking the guy who dies first, with Darcy dying in a car accident and leaving the widow Jones a single mother of two. But the good news for fans and the romantic-comedy tone is that she's apparently over it by the start of Bridges Jones's Diary: Mad About the Boy and already obsessing over a boy toy and Twitter followers. Bridget's happy ending, it seems, is still ahead of her. Presumably in Ashton Kutcher.

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