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Cate Blanchett Is Going To Start Directing Now


Cate Blanchett is planning a fancy dinner for couples to come together, argue, and discuss their children; thankfully, you do not have to actually attend this in-person, because those kinds of things are always the worst. It will all play out on-screen as Blanchett's adaptation of the Herman Koch novel The Dinner, set to mark her debut as a director, Deadline reports. Her I'm Not There. screenwriter Oren Moverman wrote the script, which, assuming it follows the book, plays well to Blanchett's experiences directing for the stage. The story takes place entirely at a trendy restaurant, unfolding as a man, his brother--the Netherlands' would-be next prime minister--and their wives discuss and decide how to deal with a violent crime their sons may have perpetrated. So kind of a higher stakes Carnage by way of My Dinner with Andre and Cate Blanchett. Your parents are going to eat this shit up.

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