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Christoph Waltz To Be Evil Military Guy Again for 'Tarzan'


After first considering Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson as the villain for his Tarzan film, David Yates finally finished the rest of the Django Unchained DVD and decided maybe he should go with Christoph Waltz instead. According to Variety, now it's Waltz who's in talks to join the Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation, which has long had Alexander Skarsgård attached to be shirtless again for the lead. Around the same time as Foxx and Jackson's rumored involvement, word was Jessica Chastain was frontrunner for Jane, but apparently that's also no longer the case; the article now claims Emma Stone and The Wolf of Wall Street's Margot Robbie are taking meetings for the role. All that said, the film still doesn't have a greenlight, so it's possible that even if all this gets locked into place, Tarzan may never happen. Which is a shame, because then what are we going to mockingly label "the next Lone Ranger"?

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