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Derek Cianfrance To Bring You More Heartrending Sadness with 'Light Between Oceans'


Blue Valentine and Place Beyond the Pines director Derek Cianfrance is attached joyfully return to themes of shattered lives, woeful loss, and tragic parenting. He's reportedly been hired to direct The Light Between Oceans, DreamWorks' adaptation of M.L. Stedman's misery-filled debut novel.

In the book, a man returns from the trauma of WWI to his native Australia, where he takes a faraway, isolated job as a lighthouse keeper. There, he and his wife repeatedly fail in their attempts to birth a healthy child, which gets them pretty depressed until a dead man washes ashore with an infant--because then, hey, free baby! A couple years later, the family returns to civilization to find that their decision to not report their yearly baby income has had a pretty doleful effect on a mainlander, and then you cry some more.

Though casting has not yet begun, come on, Gosling is going to brood the shit out of this thing.

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