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Guess Adam Sandler's Latest High-Concept Film Premise


A.) Life Is a Highway - After his car breaks down on the way to the business meeting of a lifetime, creative director Adam Sandler is forced to buy an old jalopy from a mysterious used auto lot. But when this car starts making noises, it isn't because it's breaking down. It talks!

B.) Cobbler - Stepping down from his usual inflated careers, this time Adam Sandler is just a modest cobbler. Or is he? Turns out this modern-day shoe repairman can magically step into the figurative shoes of the people whose literal shoes he's repairing.

C.) Meow - After marrying religious girlfriend Sofía Vergara to get her to move in with him, Sandler engages in an all-out war against her beloved cat, Whiskers. Chris Rock is attached to the project but it's not yet being revealed if he will provide a voice for Whiskers.

Answer: It's B. But, surprisingly, that's not the full answer, as Cobbler isn't the outrageously broad but ultimately heartwarming comedy it sounds like. THR describes the film as an indie drama, and The Station Agent and The Visitor director Tom McCarthy--who was nominated for an Oscar thanks to his contributions to the Up screenplay--is helming the project. Beyond the metaphysical Quantum Leap-by-way-of-shoetree concept, nothing is known about the plot, but it sounds like a rare departure outside Punch-Drunk Love where Sandler could be forced to stretch himself and find that he's not in roomy athletic shorts. Hopefully, like me, he's disappointed when he realizes the cobbler does not have a hilarious old-fashioney voice nor a farting issue.

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