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Hailee Steinfeld Joins the Rest of Us in Watching Vince Vaughn Continue Living


Hailee Steinfeld has reportedly joined the cast of Term Life, the action comedy in which Vince Vaughn attempts to stay alive through means other than grating man-child roles. Based on an Image graphic novel by Nick Thornborrow and the screenwriter, A.J. Lieberman, Term Life sees Vaughn as a greedy, in-deep low-life wanted dead by criminal and cop alike. To try to do something good before he ends up dead, he takes out a million-dollar life insurance policy to provide for his estranged daughter (Steinfeld) come his certain death, but soon after realizes it doesn't kick in for three weeks; the film jumps around those days of Vince Vaughn continuing his existence. That is classic Vince Vaughn Movie.

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