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HBO To Warn of Robot Theme Parks with 'Westworld' Series


With the threat of android cowboy theme parks now looming closer than ever, what with science, HBO will bravely stand up to remind us of the dangers with a series remake of 1973's Westworld.

The cable channel is reportedly committed to producing a pilot for the show with The Dark Knight writer Jonathan Nolan and, naturally, the omniproducing J.J. Abrams. Nolan will direct and write with wife/writer Lisa Joy.

The original, of course, was written and directed by the theme-park-gone-wrong-obsessed Michael Crichton. It focused on an adult amusement resort with various time-period themes, each park boasting the ability to fuck and kill people without all the usual hoops you have to jump through to do those things. Two guys are doing that in the western-themed Westworld when the android programming suddenly goes awry, allowing android Yul Brynner to fight back when threatened, much like real-life Yul Brynner. Man's hubris in playing robot-cowboy-making God is thoroughly shown. The end.

The film spawned a sequel, Futureworld, and was already once adapted into a series with 1980's Beyond Westworld, which aired for only three episodes before getting pulled. Producer Jerry Weintraub has been trying to launch a feature remake for over a decade before finally now shifting it to HBO. Annoyingly, it's not clear if this news means Deadwood could have got a fourth season if they'd just had Ian McShane's face-plate fall off.

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