If Will Smith's Going to Let Use Die, Maybe Michael B. Jordan Can Stop the Aliens

September 26, 2013


When the aliens return to ruin our summer barbecues again, who will be there to fly Jeff Goldblum Jr. in to upload a laughing skull virus? Hey, how about Michael B. Jordan? The quickly rising star--already rumored to be up for Fantastic Four and Star Wars, and confirmed to weirdly play Apollo Creed's grandson--is high on 20th Century Fox's list to star in their long-gestating Independence Day sequel, TheWrap reports, noting that he's already met with director Roland Emmerich.

While you've already assumed Jordan would be Will Smith's son or something, then felt maybe you were racist to think that, it isn't being revealed exactly what Jordan's role could be. Whatever the part is, sources say it hasn't yet been formally offered. Official casting news is reportedly "expected closer to the holidays." That day we will celebrate our Christmas Day! With news of who will punch an alien this time.

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