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Jack Black To Star in 'Goosebumps' That Sounds Just Like a Jack Black 'Goosebumps' Would


The question of how Sony plans to adapt the whole Goosebumps anthology into film has at last been answered: with Jack Black and a proven-profitable approach that seems perfectly obvious in retrospect. TheWrap reports Black is in talks to star in a take that would see the actor basically playing series author R.L. Stine. Instead of focusing on a single tale, the film will loosely work a bunch in by seeing the writer's various ventriloquist dummies and such "literally leap off the page" for Black to yell about. With Black's Gulliver's Travels director already at the helm, it all makes so much sense what this will be now, doesn't it? It will be the Ruby Sparks of Night at the Museums, with Jack Black.

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