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Kenny Powers Is Back, Not High Anymore, in New 'Eastbound & Down' Trailer


Eastbound & Down is back for an appropriately arrogant victory lap with a final, fourth season premiering on the 29th. As Kenny Powers is owed, being Kenny Fuckin' Powers, he's back for what's his: fame, money, respect, and "chicken change"--a concept rumor says includes the cheap, deep-fried addition of Lindsay Lohan. Here's the latest trailer to fuck you up with some truths.

  • August 19, 2013
    Kenny Powers is reborn, and Hannah Horvath is #regrammed, in new teasers for the upcoming seasons of Eastbound and Down and Girls. Soak in the narcissism below.... / Continue →
  • August 15, 2013
    Lindsay Lohan is headed to the world of Eastbound & Down, where repeatedly fucked up attempts to reclaim glory are expected and encouraged. The HBO series is currently in production on its fourth and final season, and sources reportedly tell E! Lohan was on-set shooting a part ... / Continue →
  • June 28, 2013
    Larry David molts the insane serial killer hair of the previous trailers and emerges the beautiful bald asshole we know and love in the latest preview for his HBO film, Clear History. The comedy sees David as a marketing executive that sells his shares in an electric car compa... / Continue →
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