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'Nebraska' Trailer: Alexander Payne Continues His Wild-Haired Old Man Travels


About Schmidt director Alexander Payne makes his return to the world of late-life, inevitably bittersweet road trips with Nebraska. Shot in black and white, the film stars Will Forte and a full-on Nolte'd Bruce Dern, the latter playing Forte's cantankerous and seemingly senile father who thinks he's won a million-dollar sweepstakes. Forte at first assures him it's a scam but finally decides to just go with it, and the delusion soon pulls in the family's entire small town and sends father and son on a variously redeeming road trip.

Of course, when you start talking about hitting a bit fortune, bad guys are going to start wanting it. And what better villains than the ever-evil-looking Stacy Keach and Buzz from Home Alone? No better. Plus, hey, there's Bob Odenkirk! Put that all together and feel lucky there's only a couple months until we get to see this thing. In the meantime, here's the trailer:

Also, here's the poster. I don't know why it looks like About Eraserhead.


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