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New Godzilla Probably Looks Something Like This (Like Godzilla)


So as not to hurt Matthew Broderick's feelings, Legendary Pictures has been pretty coy so far about revealing anything from their upcoming Godzilla re-do. But at a licensing expo in São Paulo, Brazil, it seems the production company may have finally given a peak at the monster's new design with a promo poster for their film. It's mostly hidden under the cut for those who'd rather wait, but in truth, there's not much to spoil. Godzilla basically looks like Godzilla, but with sort of a boxier head. And with gills. And he has a goatee he can't be convinced to shave, no matter how many friends and acquaintances tell him he'd look better without it. Otherwise, though, pretty classic. Have a look below.


(via, thanks to MC)

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