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'Planet of the Apes' Revisionists Also Updating 'The Gambler'


The star of 2001's Planet of the Apes and director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes are in talks to remake The Gambler, the 1974 film in which James Caan warned us that gambling is just as dangerous as super-smart chimps. Variety reports Rupert Wyatt and Mark Wahlberg may come on to replace the previously-attached Todd Phillips and Leonardo DiCaprio in the long-gestating retread. Assuming it follows the plot of the original, Wahlberg would play the least-convincing English professor ever, a man whose gambling addiction pushes him to such unscrupulous acts as saying hi to his own mother, then demanding her savings.

Previously, the original film's writer, James Toback, followed up his film with a very lengthy and angry letter decrying the remake, which was then to be directed by Martin Scorsese and DiCaprio. He'll probably be fine with this, though.

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