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'Railway Man' Trailer: Colin Firth Wants the Most Prestigious Vengeance


The Railway Man doesn't yet have a distribution for the US, but judging by this trailer and its impressively swelling score, let's just say you'll probably be seeing this crawl into 15 Landmark Theatres before it lands a few awards nominations that don't quite pan out.

Based on the autobiography of Eric Lomax, the film sees Colin Firth's worried face this time representing post-traumatic stress disorder from his harrowing experiences in World War II. When his night terrors finally become too much for wife Nicole Kidman to handle, she approaches Firth's wartime friend Stellan Skarsgård about their shared past; he quickly realizes, "Oh, I bet that has something to do with how he was horrifically tortured by the Japanese. But it's a guy thing, so don't worry about it." Firth, meanwhile, tries to confront his demons by actually confronting his former captor--at his workplace, with a knife, which is probably not the best idea. This is how you end up on Cops, Colin Firth.

(Thanks, KB.)

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