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Seth Rogen Holding Animated 'Sausage Party' That Isn't Outrightly About Penises


Seth Rogen and frequent creative collaborator Evan Goldberg have announced a sausage party that, seemingly, does not refer to the amount of penises at a social gathering. Following the success of This Is the End, the two are reportedly partnering with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Annapurna Pictures for a film called Sausage Party, about "one sausage's quest to discover the truth about his existence." It's the duo's first animated project, and it's said to involve a sausage falling out of a shopping cart and, with some new friends, attempting to get back to his aisle in time to be cooked and eaten for the Fourth of July. Still, despite not being about the kind of "sausage parties" you're used to hearing about, it's been assured that the film will retain "all the irreverent, insightful and risqué R-rated humor we have come to expect from [Rogen and Goldberg]." Maybe the sausages themselves will have dicks.

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