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Additional Bodybuilding Movie Mass Added


Like so many sleeveless dudes at your gym, now that Hollywood's gotten into lifting, they will not shut up about it. The year has already seen the releases of Michael Bay's real-life bodybuilding heist, Pain & Gain, and the more pointedly weight-lifting focused documentary Generation Iron. And now The Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman has reportedly signed on to again ask us if we even lift, bros, with Bigger, a biopic on bodybuilding icons the Weider brothers.

Though the brothers are largely unknown to the scrawny nerd community, who's still too blinded by kicked-up sand to see the significance, the two are apparently pretty big deals to the history of the lifting things sport. The Canadian siblings, Joe and Ben, rose from being poor Jewish immigrants to found the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness; Joe, the bodybuilder of the two, mentored Arnold Schwarzenegger, founded the Mr. and Ms. Olympia competitions, and published Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men's Fitness, and Shape--some of the biggest magazines to ever feature toned, greasy people not having sex. Bee Holder Productions, the company behind Bigger, has optioned the brothers' life rights and the rights to their biography, Brothers of Iron. They should use that as the title instead of making it sound like a Big sequel.

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