'Ant-Man' Casting Shrunk Down to Just Really Likable People

October 15, 2013


We still don't know who will be playing Ant-Man, but there is one thing we do know about the actor: he will be generally likable.

Variety has revealed that Marvel has examined their options for who could convincingly charm audiences as a shrinking man who can talk to bugs, and they've narrowed it down to two incredibly agreeable choices. Pitting a near-Batman against a Celeryman, the studio and director Edgar Wright are reportedly looking at Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd as the frontrunners to play scientist-turned-superhero Henry Pym, with only "a remote possibility another actor could emerge" to take it from them. The trade also notes that there's rumor that both actors could end up playing Ant-Man, with Gordon-Levitt playing Scott Lang, a crook who steals Pym's technology to later become the hero. However, they add that the chances of this are "unlikely." But if that did happen, hoo boy. More like Ant-Man-Crushes, yeah?

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