Blake Likely To Never Grow Old and Unemployable by Hollywood

October 17, 2013


Just as her role in Green Lantern will live on forever, timeless and eternally beautiful, Blake Lively will now similarly carry on thanks to The Age of Adaline. Deadline reports Lively is attached to star in the film in the title role, playing a 29-year-old whose body stops aging after a near-fatal car accident ends up being magic somehow. Thanks to the aging conceit, Lively's daughter will--at least through the later parts of the film--be played by 80-year-old Ellen Burstyn, who takes over the role from Angela Lansbury. Likewise, Lively is taking a role previously attached to Katherine Heigl back when Sweet Home Alabama and Bounty Hunter director Andy Tennant was directing. Now that job belongs to Celeste & Jesse Forever's Lee Toland Krieger, and the whole project is shaping up to sound a lot more like an actual movie. Katherine Heigl and Angela Lansbury belong together only in a Hallmark Channel Original about a young mother and her grandmother's relationship with angels.

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