'Grand Budapest Hotel' Trailer: Wes Anderson Goes Old-Fashioney Madcap Romp

October 17, 2013


If you were worried whether or not Wes Anderson's latest would be a thoroughly Wes Anderson affair, you can put your fears to beautifully over-designed bed with this, our first trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. The film gives Ralph Fiennes a rare chance to do something where he isn't noseless or dramatically, constantly gardening, casting him in a role reminiscent of Kevin Kline's standout work in 2010's The Extra Man as a pseudo-refined hotel concierge. In that job, he's in charge of both mentoring to a young lobby boy and, apparently, pleasuring the hotel's elderly women visitors--like a heavily made-up Tilda Swinton, who dies and ends up leaving her lover a valuable painting.

What follows looks like a real symmetrical doors-slamming affair--a classic pre-WWII farce re-made in technicolor and tightly re-organized by Anderson. You've got an exotic locale, a hotel setting, a murder, and some coveted artwork, but also cartoonish artificiality, sucker punches, and, nearest to self-parody, Jason Schwartzman coolly smoking and wearing a hotel busboy uniform again. If that's not enough, Willem Dafoe is a ring-covered thug, Saoirse Ronan has a Mexico birthmark, Harvey Keitel has prison tattoos, and pretty much all the rest of the usual suspects are there, mustachioed. Undeniably fun; even less deniably A Wes Anderson.

Really out-esotericing himself with that ersatz(?) lesbian Schiele painting, huh?

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