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Jackie Chan, Seann William Scott To Make Wildest Action-Comedy of a Decade Ago


Jackie Chan and Seann William Scott are finally teaming up to finally give us the action-buddy-comedy that probably should have happened around 2004. They've reportedly signed on to star in Skiptrace, set to be the live-action directorial debut of The Tale of Despereaux and ParaNorman director Sam Fell. The untimely fusion of Bulletproof Monk and Rush Hour sees the diametrically opposed personalities of Chan and Scott forced to team up to stop the head of a Hong Kong crime syndicate. Chan plays the "good cop" whose niece is in trouble with the mobster; for some reason, the only one who can save the girl is "a fast-taking American gambler," who of course is Stifler. Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation writer Jay Longino is credited for the script beside four other writers. Adjust expectations accordingly.

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