Queen Wants Ben Whishaw for Freddie Mercury

October 21, 2013


Ever since Sacha Baron Cohen parted ways on the long-planned Freddie Mercury biopic, the big question for the project has been who will replace him, and how disappointingly less like Freddie Mercury are they going to look. Well, if some surviving members of Queen get their way, we might just slap a Borat mustache on Ben Whishaw and find out the answer.

Appearing on BBC One's One Show, Queen drummer Roger Taylor has reportedly revealed that Bond's latest Q is at the top of their wish list to play Mercury:

When asked about the biopic and who might play Mercury, Taylor said the actor the band would like most has the initials "B.W.," and when asked if that meant Whishaw, Taylor said: "Well, we hope so."

That said, in the November Mojo, Taylor also says that the film's progress is continuing to develop at a slow pace--likely in part due to the band reportedly wanting to be hands-on in somehow making this a family film--so it could be some time before someone's finally signed. Hopefully shirtless mayor Mike Haggar from Final Fight.

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