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R.I.P. Kumar / Pagoda / Mr. Littlejeans


It seems that, sadly, The Royal Tenenbaums will indeed be the last time Kumar Pallana puts a knife in Gene Hackman. The actor, plate-spinner, and charmingly-bizarre Wes Anderson regular has died at the age of 94, the AV Club reports.

Pallana was born in colonial India and, as his IMDb résumé shows, he performed his vaudeville routines in the late '50s and early '60s on The Mickey Mouse Club and Captain Kangaroo. His meeting with Anderson in Texas led to a part in the director's 1996 debut, Bottle Rocket, and further roles in Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Darjeeling Limited. Among his fans, he can count even Steven Spielberg, who recruited him to appear alongside Tom Hanks in The Terminal.

In case you missed it in the Royal Tenenbaums special features, here he is delighting the cast and crew of that film with some of his fabled plate spinning:

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