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Robin Thicke Now Also #Actor and #Director


At risk of being pigeonholed as just a guy to dress up like a douchey Beetlejuice and serve as the hindquarters of a fleshy twerk-beast, Robin Thicke is diversifying. Like his father before him, he's pushing more into acting, and since no one knows how to direct his smug looks like himself, he's writing and directing too. THR reports the fit David Brent impersonator has put together a short called Mercy, in which he stars with wife Paula Patton, The Hunger Games' Amandla Stenberg, and Robert Patrick. In the film, Thicke plays "a family-focused limo driver" who also is married to Paula Patton. She's addicted to drugs and alcohol, while daughter Stenberg is a violin prodigy taught by Patrick's wife, who recently died of cancer. The story is reportedly based on true events. Except for the part where Robert Patrick gets over his wife's painful death with the help of sexy dancing girls.

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