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'The Armstrong Lie' Trailer: Turns Out You Can't Trust Every Cyclist Sheryl Crow Dated


As you've no doubt heard countless times in the news, Lance Armstrong's legendary string of cycling wins were a sham. Against regulations and ethics, his inhumanly powerful legs were grown from the corruption of human souls, harvested with black magicks from the life-giving pulses beating beneath so many cursed Livestrong bracelets. The story has drawn such attention that it will be told in multiple Armstrong films in development, and will, of course, surely live forever in the anguished screams of his soulless victims, damned to an eternity of nothingness. But, hey, if you can't wait for those things, you can also get the details from this new documentary from Alex Gibney. The director captured a unique perspective in that he shot most of his film as a "comeback" story before the scandal broke, but was able to later revisit Armstrong for a follow-up to ask, "So, you were just full of shit before then?"

Here's a preview the cyclist's prolonged affirmative:

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