Tom Hardy Seriously Playing Elton John

October 23, 2013


Continuing his work in ostentatious jackets and drastically reinterpreting the look of a garish character, Tom Hardy has signed on to play Elton John in the biopic Rocketman. As much was rumored back in May, and before that was ominously forecasted by this recording someone made of Bane singing "Benny and the Jets." But now it's official, with Focus Features releasing this official statement saying Hardy will shoot next fall under the direction of Michael Gracey. The release also offers that we might get yet another unnecessary update to "Candle in the Wind," promising, "Elton will re-record many of his iconic hits to parallel the emotional beats of the film that will have audiences on their feet, singing along to his much loved music." And if there's one thing the cinema experience has been lacking, it's people standing up and trying to sing along to a new Elton John recording they're not quite familiar with.

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