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Watch Guillermo del Toro's Terrifically del-Toro-y 'Simpsons' Opening


For next Sunday's episode of The Simpsons, the show's 24th "Treehouse of Horror" special, Guillermo del Toro was brought in to guide the making of a new themed opening sequence. You will be able to tell this.

  • July 19, 2013
    Because you can only take so many wild swings at pop culture references before you hit society's cache of Simpsons quotes, Peter, Meg, and the rest of the Family Guy family are headed to Springfield in what should prove the ultimate event of people claiming something used to be... / Continue →
  • October 3, 2013
    Just three episodes into its first season, Fox's Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for another 13 episodes of fighting evil with anachronism. The series--which sees a time-displaced Ichabod Crane team with a modern cop to stop the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, because witches, and G... / Continue →
  • October 2, 2013
    Will Forte is teaming with his old Clone High creators for a show that is not another season of Clone High, so sorry if you were hoping that. But Fox has reportedly given a pilot commitment to The Last Man on Earth, a single-camera comedy created by Forte and to be produced by ... / Continue →
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