'Anchorman 2' To Offer Premium 'Superticket' To Get You in Early, Away from the Unwashed Masses

November 4, 2013


Want to see Anchorman: The Legend Continues two days early, so you can start quoting stuff before anyone knows what you're talking about? Well, now you've got the chance thanks to what Paramount is calling a "superticket." It goes on sale on the 26th of this month for a yet unnamed price, and with it, you get admission a couple days before the December 20 release. It's reportedly following the model of the studio's World War Z so-called "megaticket"--which sold for $50 and included popcorn, a poster, collectible 3D glasses, and an eventual HD download of the film--so you can expect there will probably also be some other extras thrown in. At least a mustache or something, right?

You can eventually find out more and get an alert to buy here if you're interested. Because getting in with a normal ticket is for poor people.

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