Blockbuster Shutting Down All Remaining Physical Projections

November 6, 2013


Our nations strip malls are losing their last remaining vestiges of microwave popcorn, random outdated magazines, and filthy DVD cases. DISH network has today announced that they're finally shutting down all the remaining 300 or so of their subsidiary Blockbuster's retail stores by next year. Additionally, all of the company's distribution centers are closing and with them the mail rental services they've offered to people who haven't heard of Netflix. DISH will, however, maintain the questionably-valuable Blockbuster brand: the streaming services Blockbuster @Home and Blockbuster On Demand will continue being offered to DISH customers, and franchise-owned operations and international stores will go on unaffected by the inevitable march of progress, living as timelessly as Blockbuster's neon-slathered commercials:

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