Cameron Diaz Tried To Get Her Rihanna Accent in 'The Counselor'

November 7, 2013


Despite its hugely impressive pedigree, Ridley Scott's The Counselor has failed to make much of an impact since the weekend everyone decided to go see Bad Grandpa instead. In the 12 days since its opening it still has yet to top $15 million domestically, and while it's found a few fans in critics, the reviews can be called mixed at best. But if there's one thing about the film that everyone can get behind, it's that the already-infamous part where Cameron Diaz humps a car is the single thing harder to absorb than Javier Bardem's hair. But, strangely, somehow even that wasn't always the case.

As reported by THR, it turns out Diaz also tried to awkwardly grind another discomforting curiosity into the film: a loose Rihanna impression. The actress apparently gave her character "a full-on Rihanna-style accent" that Fox executives freaked out about, forcing Diaz to re-record all her lines--"much to her chagrin." Maybe she can bring it back out for There's Something About Mary 2: It's That Her Voice Might Be Racist But We Don't Know Enough About the Barbados To Be Sure."

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