Daredevil, Luke Cage and Other Marvel Heroes Getting Netflix Series

November 7, 2013


The once-unlikely possibility of binge-watching Iron Fist is, somehow, becoming a reality with Marvel and Netflix today revealing a deal that partners the companies' ever-stretching ambitions into a run of four superhero programs and a mini-series.

According to the official press release, their undertaking will "unfold over multiple years of original programming," beginning with a series centered on otherwise-super-sensory blind attorney Daredevil, finally bringing a lawyer show to television. After that, it's time for Jessica Jones, the damaged former superhero who starts running her own detective agency, to get her own thirteen episodes. Then Iron Fist and Luke Cage at last get their shot to do some punching--individually, in their own shows--before all four unite as The Defenders in a limited series Avengers-on-a-budget.

The shows are expected to begin their runs sometime in 2015. But, you know, I'll probably just wait for them to hit Crackle.

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