Dwayne Johnson To Lead Military's War Against Terrorist Demons, and Other Casting Stuff

November 6, 2013


- When the minions of Hell push through the thin barrier of Under Armour separating their dimension from The Rock's pecs, Dwayne Johnson will be ready for them. He's reportedly attached to join Seal Team 666, MGM's adaptation of a book about a United States Navy SEALs team specially trained in fighting demons, cults, the possessed, and other paranormal evils. What a Giant-Size X-Files.

- Despite John Carter and Battleship, Hollywood is not done trying to put Taylor Kitsch in things. Now he's reportedly attached to star in Becoming Jane director Julian Jarrold's Exit 147, in which he'll play a sadistic cop who stops a traveler and starts harassing him with mind games. Unusually, this will all occur in a desert night, not to a black guy just trying to drive through the suburbs.

- The Weinstein Company has reportedly bought the rights to Regression, a thriller set to star Ethan Hawke. Set in 1980, the film centers on a small Minnesota town where people begin regaining suppressed memories of committing or being victim to horrific violent and sexual abuse; soon, this spreads nationwide, and it seems tied to a conspiracy involving "a Satanic cult that has been performing rituals of orgies, assault, killing animals and even babies, for years." As much as we'd all like to see Lars von Trier on this, The Others and Abre los ojos director Alejandro Amenábar is helming.

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