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Full Doctor Who 'Day of the Doctor' Trailers: Doctors Meet, Admire Each Other's Cosplay


On November 23, the fan service of having the last couple Doctors team up (with John Hurt!) will finally be realized in the Day of the Doctor event special. This is just what should have happened with the two different Aunt Vivs from The Fresh Prince. Sadly, we'll never get closure there, but you can see how the BBC has managed it with Doctor Who with some new trailers below.

  • October 21, 2013
    For their Doctor Who 50th anniversary special Day of the Doctor, BBC has put together a preview bringing out all of the Doctors--David Tennant, Tom Baker, George Clooney, Noah Wiley, Eriq La Salle, you name it--to advertise the big event leading up to Peter Capaldi taking over ... / Continue →
  • November 8, 2013
    A full trailer for the Doctor Who special Day of the Doctor is reportedly due out tomorrow, but since tomorrow is what we use to cry, we'll just look at this very brief teaser the BBC has already put out today. It involves a painting and, if you catch it, a peak at the return o... / Continue →
  • October 11, 2013
    As you already know if you keep up on late-'60s Doctor Who rumors, months ago it was speculated that more missing episodes of the sci-fi classic had finally turned up. Now, the BBC is finally confirming as much, releasing the below trailer for the lost episodes and making them ... / Continue →
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