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FXX Has Pretty Much All 'The Simpsons' Episodes, Even If You Still Don't Have FXX


FXX is your new home for old Simpsons reruns--unless you've already got all the DVDs of the seasons you want, in which case you're good.

In an agreement the network is describing as "the biggest off-network deal ever," the fledgling cable channel has secured exclusive cable, on-demand, and non-linear rights to the longest-running comedy ever, giving FXX access to all seasons of the series beyond whatever season is currently in first-run on Fox. So starting next year, they get 24 seasons and 530 episodes; the next year after they get the 25th season, and so on. It's being variously said it was a hugely competitive bidding war, and while exact financial details aren't yet known, word is it's going to end up being somewhere between $750 million and a cool billion. Of course, since Fox and FXX are divisions of the Fox Entertainment Group, it may seem like this is just a tale of money being shifted from one's right pocket up to the little pocket above that. For the financial reasoning for why that isn't entirely the case, please ask someone with a savings account.

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