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Idris Elba Has Another Lead Role in Something


Idris Elba still hasn't hit the level of stardom many assumed he should and would by now, but here's a good sign that may finally change: he's stealing roles from Liam Neeson. At least theoretically.

Variety reports the actor is set to star in the lead role in Bastille Day, an action-thriller that definitely sounds like it belongs in the Neeson catalogue of things where he shoots dudes and yells into phones. Elba would return to pretending to be American as a U.S. operative assigned to interrogate a young American boy suspected in the terrorist bombing of the Paris metro. To avoid the "embarrassment" of recognizing that U.S. citizens are also capable of foreign terrorist attacks, the government tells Elba to just make the kid "disappear"; a few attacks later, it becomes pretty apparent that they've got the wrong guy but that the boy may be the only link to whoever's actually doing it. If for some reason John Travolta ends up joining the cast with a nebulous, hammy accent, I bet I can guess who.

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