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Justin Bieber's Face Streaked in Tears and Traces of Hair in 'Justin Bieber's Believe' Trailer


Justin Bieber: Never Say Never director Jon M. Chu has returned post-G.I. Joe with another entry to his ongoing chronicle of Justin Bieber, his hyper-privileged take on the Up Series. Picking up a couple years after the last film, Justin Bieber's Believe sees a Justin Bieber looking very different in the reflection of his chrome-coated cars--and not just because the groomers gave him a second hair-do. While he was before ascending to mega-stardom, now that he's got it, there looms the shadow of self-destruction, and another shadow that the singer claims is a nascent mustache. Also on his face: tears! Could it be that the the weight of fame is causing even this boy made of pure ego to stagger? Nah. He just walks like that 'cause of how he wears his pants, yo:

  • October 26, 2010
    "They" said he couldn't do it (apparently, if you believe this trailer). But just look at Justin Bieber now: he's a bona fide star, I'm told, who has a crew of people just to make sure his hair sweeps around just so under his bright, bright hoodies. He's so important, in fact, ... / Continue →
  • November 15, 2013
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  • November 14, 2013
    Of the many modern dance competition movies, this might be both the most trifling and the most watchable. Nick Frost stars in Cuban Fury, re-teaming with Pirate Radio co-star Chris O'Dowd, Snow White and the Huntsman's Ian McShane, and Hot Fuzz's Olivia Colman for a comedy abou... / Continue →
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