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Michael Caine Will Be Samuel L. Jackson's Butler


Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson are teaming up for what should really just be a sitcom coming to Fox Tuesdays after Dads. THR reports the two are attached to star in Harry and the Butler, an odd-couple dramedy about "a derelict rollercoaster mechanic and one-time jazz virtuoso" who inherits a fortune and hires on a butler. Jackson will play the former and Caine, naturally, is returning to his Batman-carved niche as loyal servant to someone from the Shaft remake. Nights in Rodanthe director George C. Wolfe is expected to start shooting in Louisiana this coming spring. Caine and Jackson are expected to get into spirited arguments about age and race but ultimately find an undying affection for one another. That will likely happen sometime after Caine begrudgingly rubs Jackson's feet in one of the trailer's key comic scenes.

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