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Neil LaBute's 'Some Velvet Morning' Trailer: Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve Are Going To Talk for a While


As will become pretty clear from the first piano notes in this trailer, writer-director Neil LaBute has, sadly, not made Some Velvet Morning his sequel to The Wicker Man. No, when you hear this backing track, you know for sure it's the one that comes complimentary when you rent the well-to-do home from Carnage for the week. This tune means there's more than one tango going on--IF YOU CATCH THEIR DRIFT--and you can be sure there will be some lightly humor-laced dramatic dialogue being tossed around for the gentle joy of contemporary adult audiences. In this case, it's delivered by Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve, the former playing a former adulterer who, after a four year absence from his mistress, arrives unannounced to reveal that he's left his wife. Here's some of the dramatist-style drama that resulted from that scenario:

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