New 'RoboCop' Trailer: Let Sam Jackson Try Selling You on This Thing

November 7, 2013


As established by Samuel L. Jackson in this new trailer, the new RoboCop takes place in a future where America's robotic drones police the Middle East while we fear the machines' possible use and abuse in the U.S. So, yes, OMG THE DYSTOPIAN FUTURE IS NOW. Well, except for one thing that is not now just quite yet: in an attempt to provide an acceptable middle-ground between robot officer and standard officer, scientists have also merged policeman and machine into what one might describe as a "Robo Cop," meant to earn the citizens' trust. It's basically the equivalent of having "Sully" Sullenberger pilot a domestic drone around to show everyone how it's totally fine. Unfortunately, that probably wouldn't be a very effective action movie, even if they did dress Sully up as Batman in an oversized bike helmet. So now there's this:

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