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Nick Frost, Chris O'Dowd Dance-Off for Workplace Romance in 'Cuban Fury' Trailer


Of the many modern dance competition movies, this might be both the most trifling and the most watchable. Nick Frost stars in Cuban Fury, re-teaming with Pirate Radio co-star Chris O'Dowd, Snow White and the Huntsman's Ian McShane, and Hot Fuzz's Olivia Colman for a comedy about the ill-advised idea of dating one's new boss. But that being a really terrible idea isn't the focus of the film. That would be salsa dancing.

Frost plays a former dancing prodigy who's since gotten fat and lost his confidence. When he finds out pretty new boss Rashida Jones is into salsa, he tries to win her heart by getting back into things with the help of instructor McShane. But there's more standing in his way than just rusty muscle memory: there's also shit-head co-worker O'Dowd, who also wants to win Jones over and is similarly skilled at Latin dance moves. The trailer does not explain why this dystopian future has damned every human in London to a life only work and salsa, apparently.

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