'Nymphomaniac' Red-Band Trailer Isn't Messing Around About That Age Restriction

November 22, 2013


Opening on a brief shot of a vagina, the new red-band trailer for Nymphomaniac makes it pretty clear pretty quick that Lars von Trier hasn't pulled any punches here, even in just this preview. It's beautiful and intriguing and, unless Monuments Men suddenly drops footage of a Clooney-Murray-Goodman-Baliban orgy, it is undoubtedly the most sexually intense, least safe-for-work trailer a film is gong to put out this year. Beyond the straight-up ladyparts close-up, there's nudity, spanking, screwing, blowing, slurping of man-yuck, and, with this being a Lars von Trier, plenty of intense weeping--from both eyes and groins, naturally. See it all below, and be grateful this will not be playing before your family's Christmas Day showing of Saving Mr. Banks.

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