Reese Witherspoon the Latest Entity Reminding De Niro He's Old

November 7, 2013


Taking over a duty recently handled by Last Vegas, Grudge Match, and human sight, Reese Witherspoon has agreed to be the one to give us our most recent demeaning reminder of Robert De Niro being old. She's reportedly in talks to star alongside De Niro in The Intern, a comedy deliberately following in The Internship's path of chuckling at a lowly worker's unexpectedly-yellowed birth certificate.

The film comes from ersatz-Ephron Nancy Meyers, and casts Witherspoon as a successful fashion website founder who gets convinced to take part in a "Senior Intern Program"--apparently a Walmart greeter equivalent for the startup sector. Initially the duo's age disparity leads to some clashing, but you know what? It turns out each can learn from the other, you guy. It's said De Niro's character was a former businessman of the old school, and he ends up becoming something of a mentor to the web-fashion mogul. Witherspoon, meanwhile, can assumedly show De Niro how to internet.

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