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'Thanksgivukkah' Is the Thanksgiving/Hanukkah Film Hollywood Somehow Forgot To Make


This year, Thanksgiving has the rare distinction of coinciding with Hanukkah, and for Jews who've married into Gentiles, that can mean only one thing: a contrived plot wherein one secretly conducts both a Hanukkah and Thanksgiving dinner at once, comically keeping the two families separate from each other. Or at least that's how it goes in Thanksgivukkah, a faux trailer from Funny or Die that uses Nick Kroll, Fred Willard, Penny Marshall, and more in telling its tale of a clichéd, beautifully-arbitrary Holiday juggling act. It's so spot-on that, should Adam Sandler ever become clear-eyed enough to critique his filmography, he'll regret not making this long before he questions Jack and Jill.

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