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'Thor: The Dark World' Succeeds as Only Film To Come Out Last Weekend


Your weekend box office:

1. Thor: The Dark World - $86.1 million--an over-30% rise over the original's opening. Though, in my personal experience, people will tend to go out of their way to watch you once they find out you've been walking around carrying a hammer.

2. Bad Grandpa - $11.3 million--not slipping since last week, which is always pretty good for any grandpa.

3. Free Birds - $11.2 million. Climbing up a spot as children delighted in the hilarity of turkeys that exhibit self-preservation.

4. Last Vegas - $11.1 million. A solid hold for Elder Actors List Prescription Medications Within a Casino.

5. Ender's Game - $10.3 million. The film is lagging behind even After Earth's tepid box office, and that situation isn't likely to improve next week, when Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be opening against an all new Orson Scott Card tirade.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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